|the claque| is your favorite arts and performance conglomerate based in New York City.

|the claque| is dedicated to creating excellent work and heightening the level of discourse in the arts . The approach is designed to encourage and allow artists to thrive, fostering an adaptive, collegial approach to creation and discussion in a structure which supports artists. |the claque| has been operating since 2010 and growing ever since.

We create both small projects and bigger long term programming that influence the arts community. All groups strive to create excellent art. Through increasing the level of discourse around the art, with our artists, collaborators and audience, we intend to create an ever improving structure of making and supporting art. In our approach we encourage a structure that adapts methodology to the project at hand. We encourage those we work with to maintain a collegial environment for an ideal working environment. In this our goal is to create a unique environment which supports our members and collaborators with an artistic home, access to a strong network of collaborators and constantly strives to create better.

What’s that all that mean? We are a primarily a support organization. We have a vision of what the performing arts can be and we understand small steps must be taken to get there. As we identify solvable small challenges, we create artistic and support programming to address those challenges. This allows for a creative outlet for artists, the means to grow and learn, and the momentum to move our art from forward.