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|the claque|‘s new writers group, in octo, is comprised of seven writers and the company’s Artistic Director.

in octo exists as a safe space for playwrights with bold, unusual, or idiosyncratic voices to encourage one another. The focus of the group is on experimentation and the development of the individual’s voice, not structure or commercial appeal. While this is a group for playwrights, members may also share screenplays, short stories, essays, etc..

There are always eight playwright members. There will never be an application process or any type of formal vetting. Playwrights can hold onto their membership as long as they like.

Members can and should advocate for one another’s work, and though members may share one another’s scripts with their professional contacts. in octo exists as an independent group that is not connected to the other programming of |the claque|.

Playwright are brought into the group by invitation and are replaced by an outgoing playwright. Replacement pick is not up for debate, scrutiny or discussion by the group or group leaders.  However, a new writer can be vetoed if someone in the group has serious reservations about them and is bold enough to begin a group discussion about it.

This mode of membership has two reasons:

  1. It allows playwrights the ability to champion artists and writing they like while
  2. The group avoids popularity contests
 There will 8 playwright members with bold, unique, or idiosyncratic voices. They will meet every two weeks.
in octo is not a producing organization. I exists solely as a safe space for unusual playwrights to egg each other on.
When a member decides to leave the group she simply gives her membership to a playwright whose work she champions.

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