Join |the claque| at The Tank on Friday May 11th for GUAC BAND.

Sponsored by VICTORY BREWERY, MEZCAL and HARMONIX, the makers of ROCK BAND!!!!

Spend a night in true Rock Star fashion and celebrate the Quick and Dirties at Guac Band! Stand in the spotlight in your studded leather pants, pink mohawk, mesh tank, and Doc Martins and wow the crowd with your apocalypse inducing metal!!!

It’s $25 to drink, eat, drink and rock out with your Guac out!

That night guests can nosh on authentic homemade GUAC, drink free VICTORY ALE and MEZCAL, and of course, show off their musical skills, or just headbang along with your favorite bands of Rock Band!

Want to show off your stuff with your band mates to claim the Ultimate Guac Band title? Gather up a team of 4 rockers, and come up with an awesome band name. No need to be in a band to participate. Feel free to stage dive in at any time and show us your skills.

Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band, will provide the winning band with:

* a Rock Band Beatles Band Kit

* a copy of Rock Band Beatles

* a Rock Band Beatles Guitar

* an Astro Bag carry case!

We also will have a prize pack for the runners up! Wield the powers of rock most mighty, and stumble home with some schwag!

Rock and Roll, Beer, Booze and Guac. It’s a match made in heaven*

Buy advanced tickets here:

Or get them at the door!

The Tank is located on 151 W. 46th St. 8th Floor, just off Times Square.

Guac Band is a fundraiser for |the claque|, your favorite arts and performance conglomerate.

*Heaven may or may not be a party thrown by |the claque| at The Tank