|the claque| is proud to announce that it is forming a new ladies’ arm wrestling league to be known as NYLAWN (New York Ladies’ Absolute Warrior Network), a new chapter of the national organization, CLAW (Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers). NYLAWN will hold its first event, the “Inaugural Brawl”, at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn on April 10. Like a beautiful love child of early-90s professional wrestling and roller derby, the event will feature costumed characters, color commentators, potentially-bribable referees, and, of course, lots of tough-chick-on-tough-chick arm-wrestling action. As with all CLAW events, NYLAWN’s Inaugural Brawl will benefit a not-for-profit organization that supports women and girls; |the claque| is proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Lower Eastside Girls Club (www.girlsclub.org).

The evening is hosted by drag queen Tipsy von Tart, and beyond the knuckle bustin’ contests, there will be theatrical boasting, referee-bribing, a mid-tournament rap battle between lady-rappers M-CAT and Chihuahua Fancy, and more. What’s more, audiences can snag raffle tickets to support their favorite wrestlers so YOU can win prizes! For $20 at the door (or $15 in advance), patrons can take in all the action and enjoy an evening of fun & surprising entertainment in support of a great cause.

Advance tickets are available at:


We will accept inquiries from potential arm-wrestling ladies at all levels of experience through April 1. Email NYLAWN@theclaque.org for more details.

|the claque| is your favorite arts and performance conglomerate based in New York City. |the claque| is a performing arts support organization dedicated to identifying challenges and problems in the arts and creating artistic programmatic solutions to address them. By both creating excellent work and heightening the level of discourse in the arts, this approach is designed to encourage artists and allow them to thrive, fostering an adaptive and collegial approach. |the claque| has been operating since 2010 and growing ever since.

Other programming from |the claque| includes: the Quick and Dirties, is a series of workshops of full length plays shepherding good plays to become great ones; the 2015 presentations will take place at the Sheen Center (18 Bleecker Street) from May 6-16. |the claque| reads series, displaying exciting and promising work from writers we come across in the city, the Spotlight Fellowship, a fellowship for career development for a panel-nominated actor in the city, the octo-group, a writers group for playwrights with bold, unusual, or idiosyncratic voices. Our annual fundraisers include the Mac Off, a macaroni and cheese competition, Meh…, a theatrical roast of a playwright, in addition to NYLAWN.

More info is always available at www.theclaque.org and www.facebook.com/theclaque.  Event info is available at https://www.facebook.com/events/444039482422179/