The Mac Off



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The Mac Off, the ever-popular, ever-growing, ever-cheesy Macaroni & Cheese competition, brought to you by Brooklyn’s arts and performance conglomerate, |the claque|, is coming to Littlefield.  For the fourth year in a row, this s-mac-k down is going to draw chefs from every corner of New York City as they prove whose cheesy concoction is the best of the boroughs.  Every cheese you can name, be it cheddar, goat, manchego, brie, or haloumi, can be in the mix as our chefs test their magnificent macs on our hungry patrons.  For $20 at the door (or $15 in advance), patrons get to try all the macs, wash them down with a complementary beer, and vote for their favorite dish.  Aside from vying for the title of most delectable macaroni, the chefs face off for the fabulous prizes awarded to first, second, and third place.

For more information, or for details on how to compete, please e-mail