Quick and Dirties 2015



Quick and Dirties 2015

|the claque| is proud to announce the fourth annual Quick and Dirties (QuaDs) hosted in The Black Box at The Sheen Center

About the Quick and Dirties

The Quick and Dirties is a play series that focuses on plays that are past the point of developmental readings and pre-production. The playwrights of the four selected full-length plays and over 50 other theatre artists will engage in a collaborative effort to move the plays to the next level and realize their fullest potential. Each play receives a two week rehearsal intensive, design elements, a full professional creative team and two public showings.

The Workshops in the QuaDs:

Boyfriend by Tommy Smith

directed by Kevin Laibson

May 8 and 9th @ 8:00

Japan, 2005. In the nascent phases of social media, an online stranger convinces a handsome actor that he is spiritually connected in another dimension to a mysterious woman, causing the actor’s real life to disintegrate. Based on a true story.




QuaDs_V9_Page_3Wildrose by Anna Moench

directed by Danya Taymor

May 6th and 7th @ 8:00

Hal is holed up in his camper, perched on the frozen plains of North Dakota’s oil patch. Ben comes by with a 30 rack to watch ESPN. Sue’s reached a breaking point. And Jon shows up with a plan. A story of big dreams, big money, and big machinery in a tiny room.




QuaDs_V9_Page_5Fruiting Bodies by Samantha Chanse

directed by Kareem Fahmy

May 14th and 16th @ 8:00

A family lost in a fog-enveloped woods meets a mysterious boy, and struggles with limited visibility, old wounds, and no wifi.





QuaDs_V9_Page_2A Ghost in the Tapestry by Seth Moore

Directed by Matt Dickson

May 13th and 15th @ 8:00

Deekin lives a contented, if sometimes harrowing, life as a street musician in New York City. But when scrappy young producer Roy decides to take him under his wing, Deekin quickly finds himself in over his head and reacting badly to the price tags being pegged to his songs. Sticking true to it’s radio theater roots by using mostly sound, music and dialogue as its storytelling tools, “Ghosts” is an ode to the struggle of any artist in a capitalist infrastructure: at what point does your art become not your own… and does the comfort of stability come at the cost of the “pure thing” that inspired you to begin with?