The Quick and Dirties (QuaDs): ideas are sexy


Quick and Dirties 2012

|the claque| is proud to announce the second annual Quick and Dirties (QuaDs): ideas are sexy, hosted at The Tank, NYC.

About the Quick and Dirties

In short: |the claque| is working to make good plays great.

In detail: We are very happy to present the second annual Quick and Dirties, or QuaDs. This year we will be focusing on helping to realize big ideas from our collaborating playwrights because IDEAS ARE SEXY. |the claque|, the playwrights of the selected plays and over 60 theatre artists will be digging into six workshop productions of full length plays to help those good ideas grow into great ideas.

The workshops focus on plays which are past the point of developmental readings, but not yet ready for full production. Each play receives a week long intensive and two public viewings focusing on building on the central ideas of the plays. Each piece will be fully staffed with creative teams, including directors, designers, actors, stage managers, and a production manager, will delve into the work bringing each play to life.

This year’s QuaDs will also feature readings of two new full-length plays. Each play will get two reading spread over a month to allow the writer to implement and experiment with rewrites.

The Workshops in the QuaDs:

January 2nd by J. Holtham

directed by Elizabeth Carlson
April 6th @ 9:30 and April 8th @ 7:00

New Year’s Eve. 1993. As a young couple takes their relationship to the next level, an unexpected visit from a mysterious stranger forces them to question fate, love, commitment and to face whatever the future may hold. A comedy about getting a second chance, the first time around.


Noble/Birth by Braden LuBell

directed by Isaac Klein

April 20th @ 9:30 and April 22th @ 7:00

Noble/Birth is a romantic and family drama that follows a young man named Bix as he attempts to introduce the girl he loves into his secretive family.  Set on a wealthy estate in Connecticut, ghosts weave their way through the proceedings, begging the question: Should we hold fast to our vision of the lives we want, or allow life to take its own course?

A Decent Stretch by Mark Snyder

directed by Maryna Harrison
April 28th and 29th @ 7:00
Sasha Briar transforms herself into a self-help guru to battle the lost ladies who lunch in a suburban Indianapolis mall.  A new comedy about lipo, power circles, and the delicious thrill of victimhood.




Anne & Ada by Rachel Bonds
Directed by Linsay Firman
May 6th @ 7:00 and 9:30
After the sudden death of their parents, Anne and Ada are left to live alone in their childhood home. As Anne longs for the safety of childhood, Ada bristles under her new duties as caretaker. When a mysterious Visitor arrives, both sisters begin to imagine how life could be better without the other. . .


Bird and the Two Ton Weight by Darcy Fowler

directed by Kareem Fahmy
May 11th and 13th @ 7:00
When her mother’s long lost journal mysteriously shows up at the door, Chelsea meets a young woman she never knew. While they confront tragedies both big and small, Chelsea looks to her mother for a way to move forward. But is there more to her journal than meets the eye? THE BIRD AND THE TWO-TON WEIGHT is the story of what happens when past and present collide; a story of hope, possibility, and finding strength in the most unlikely of places.

Unpleasant Men by Alex Borinsky
directed by Nick Leavens
May 18th and 20th @ 7:00
It’s 1877, cusp of the modern world. Everything’s new. Two brothers and their dad lose everything and head to New York. Men are rich in this city, gin is smooth, mansions are fucking big, and there might be a revolution happening. There are also some quietly broken hearts. A play about manliness, graft, and ambition for three badass women.




In the Middle by Megan Sass
Directed by S. Quincy Beard
April 7th @ 9:30 and May 12th @ 7:00
In the possibly not so distant future, The Shift has left America has divided into two territories; one is governed by a set of liberal laws, the other, conservative. The central government now exists in an entirely neutral territory, known as The Middle. It is here that lawyers from opposite territories, and opposite sides of a terrorism case, are forced to re-evaluate their loyalties.


The Adventures of Jesus Jackson by Trey Tatum
Directed by Mason Beggs
April 21st @ 9:30 and May 19th @ 7:00
Michael’s Mother believes the only way to purge sin is thru the forced consumption of gallons of water. When Michael is discovered drawing a comic book featuring Jesus as a 1930s serial action hero, his Mother labels it the ultimate sacrilege. As his penance turns lethal and his hours grow dim, Michael’s only chance of survival lies in the hands of the man himself. “In bitter times, the heroes rise – and Boys and Gods are tested.” The Adventures of Jesus Jackson.