The Quick and Dirties (QuaDs): PUMP UP THE PLAY!


Quick and Dirties 2013


New York’s favorite arts and performance conglomerate, is proud to announce its third annual production of The Quick and Dirties (The QuaDs): PUMP UP THE PLAY!, playing at The Tank in April and May 2013.

The Quick and Dirties is a play series that focuses on plays that are past the point of developmental readings but are not yet ready for full production. The playwrights of the six selected full-length plays and over 70 other theatre artists will engage in a collaborative effort to pump the plays up to their fullest potential. Each play receives a ten-day-long rehearsal intensive, design elements, a full creative team and two public showings at The Tank.

A cornerstone of this developmental process is the playwrights’ retreat at The Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, NY. All six selected playwrights, their directors and select actors will attend a three-day retreat organized by |the claque| to workshop their plays and share selected scenes in a public reading on March 29th.

Not only do the QuaDs benefit the playwrights and artists directly involved, they serve as a resource for the greater artistic community. |the claque| brings together collaborators of all sorts in an open space for discussion, debate, and inspiration. The QuaDs currently has an alumni base of nearly 200 theater artists in New York, and the number grows with each year.

|the claque| believes that all good plays need a work out. Great plays get them.

The Workshops in the QuaDs:


Drunk Art Love by Crystal Skillman

directed by Nick Leavens

April 19th and April 21st @ 7:00PM

It’s Sidney Tallen’s last night in art school, but as her final crit looms, she has just one chance left to find her place in the art world and prove her brilliance. Can she find it among the hostile Art Mafia, acid-tripping roommates, obsessive mothers, pudgy professors, hobbit-like illustrators, frat boys, angry guest artists? Is Sidney truly falling in love? Losing her mind? Or is she finally discovering the truth of art and love? They might be one and the same … and one night can truly be brilliant.





far from trees

Far From the Trees by Christina Gorman

directed by Jason Bruffy

April 26th and April 28th @ 7:00PM

Leighton’s simple life is upended when he learns his beloved forest of petrified trees, which he has spent years painstakingly unearthing, is priceless. His nephew, a prodigy in particle physics, has just been expelled for “academic sabotage” and the university is demanding its six-digit scholarship money back. Leighton can save his family from bottomless debt if only he will sell. Why then can’t he let go?





nights in late december

Nights in Late December by Willie Orbison

directed by Sue Lawless

May 3rd @ 7:00PM and May 5th @ 5:00PM

Some people hate the holidays. For Liana, it usually means making the cross-country pilgrimage back to her childhood apartment to deal with her reclusive mother’s latest issues and her little brother’s depressing descent into internet-obsessed madness. But this year is going to be different, dammit. This year, she’s going to take a stand. Even if it means reaching out to her estranged, domineering father — this year, she’s going to take a stand.







Wrench by Rob Askins

directed, by Danya Taymor

May 3rd @ 9:30PM and May 5th @ 7:00PM

An adopted boy goes looking for where he comes from. He finds sex violence and a wrench. The question is will he find a way out?







salamanderblueSeasons of Salamander Blue by Jen Silverman

directed by Elizabeth Carlson

May 10th and May 12th @ 7:00PM

When Sarah makes friends with the homeless girl living on her roof,she finds herself pulled into a world that is darker and more compelling than anything she’s known. But in the wake of an unexpected discovery, Sarah must start to ask: who is her new friend? And who is Sarah herself becoming?








HIStory by Frank Paiva

directed by Jason Bruffy

May 16th and May 19th @ 7:00PM

Yesterday David saw “The Book of Mormon.” Tomorrow he’s seeing Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall. A romantic comedy for the Grindr set about gay identity past and present, “HIStory” shows that anything is possible if you look on the other side of the glory hole.