The Quick and Dirties (QuaDs): Q4



Quick and Dirties 2014

|the claque| is proud to announce the fourth annual Quick and Dirties (QuaDs): Q4, hosted in The Black Box at The Sheen Center

About the Quick and Dirties

The Quick and Dirties is a play series that focuses on plays that are past the point of developmental readings and pre-production. The playwrights of the four selected full-length plays and over 50 other theatre artists will engage in a collaborative effort to move the plays to the next level and realize their fullest potential. Each play receives a two week rehearsal intensive, design elements, a full professional creative team and two public showings.

The Workshops in the QuaDs:

Q4_artwork_playgroundsPlaygrounds by Sarah Sander

directed by Kareem Fahmy

May 28th @ 8:00 and May 30th @ 8:00

Justine leaves a dark chapter behind and moves to Brooklyn to work as a nanny for her cousin Cynthia. Finding refuse in a small community of female caretakers at the local playground, she tries to ignore the tension in Cynthia’s home that threatens her own healing. When Justine finally chooses to speak up, for the sake of a child, her past and present converge in a violent nightmare.




Q4_artwork_americangirls (3)American Girls by Eric Dufault

directed by John Giampietro

May 29th @ 8:00 and May 31st @ 8:00

Jenny and Arlenis, two self-destructive teenage girls, attempt to smuggle drugs over the border into Canada. Tip Stillman, an ailing, elderly hoarder, vies to complete her coveted doll collection. Taylor Ann, a nineteenth century twelve-year-old girl, is on a grand covered-wagon voyage to California. Taylor Ann is a doll. Taylor Ann is filled with cocaine. And everything intersects. And everything goes off the rails. American Girls is a boisterous, sad story about girls growing up in America.




Q4_artwork_ironboundIronbound by Martyna Majok

directed by Danya Taymor

June 4th @ 8:00 and June 6th @ 8:00

An immigrant woman waits for the bus after a long day. A man appears. A man always appears. And he has something to offer. But it’s never free. Spanning over 20 years and three different relationships, every scene is a little war between a man and a woman for their best version of security. What are two working class people willing to trade and how dirty are they willing to fight for the cheapest safety in a world that does not value all kinds of people?




Q4_artwork_okaybyeOkay, Bye by Joshua Conkel

Directed by Liz Carlson

June 5th @ 8:00 and June 7th @ 8:00

Meg and Jenny were never quite friends. Now in their 30’s, the women couldn’t be more different except that they both attend the same A.A. meeting in their small New England town. When Jenny discovers Meg’s plan to commit suicide, she is determined to save her. Can an evening watching Pretty in Pink together change Meg’s mind? Okay, Bye is an intimate drama about life’s disappointment, recovery, and people who are too sensitive for their own good.